Why Integrated Communications is the Future of PR

Rolling Water Group

Integrated communications are the harmonious work of public relations branches as a singular unit. Communications, marketing, social media, and digital marketing are four major segments of PR that should be working cohesively as a team. Although they are each different and hold their own important specific role, there is a major correlation and similarity within each branch. When they all work together, they become stronger and more communicative as one PR group. When these branches are kept separately, there is no true collaboration within them. There are different effects and ways of connection for all PR communications, but the messages being sent are all must be related.

The PESO Model, by Gini Dietrich, is a Venn diagram with the placement and overlapping of paid media, earned media, social platforms, and owned properties. These PR qualities overlap in certain spots, creating an integrated communications system. When these qualities meet in the middle, the well-balanced system flourishes.

Incorporating and maintaining an integrated communications system is beneficial because it creates credibility and builds a good reputation for your company. Your audience will better understand that your message through cohesive content, creating an image that goes a long way. The uniformity of communication and vocabulary portrayal allows your audience and clients to stay on track with your company. If the marketing team and the social media team are not working in unison, their content may sound and look a lot different; this will only confuse your audience. Using integrated communications will make your company user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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